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Tips Safety with Electric Chainsaw

The electric chainsaw is one of the more used for homeowner, especially if you live in the country or your daily routine involves work with cutting, trimming, and pruning. It is a tool that requires a lot of care when using because it is a powered machine. Electric chainsaw safety is paramount and all persons ought to have basic knowledge and tips of operation so that they can avoid injury. A chainsaw accident can be fatal and as they say, prevention is better than cure. There are a couple of safety tips to follow when handling an electric chainsaw, plus information that should be on everybody's fingertips as part of electric chainsaw safety. We will begin highlighting the main parts tips safety with electric chainsaw.

Avoiding kickbacks : A kickback is the rapid reaction that a powered chainsaw produces if it suddenly touches an object or the ground with an unshielded bar tip. This motion is dangerous because it throws the chainsaw towards the operator's body. To avoid such kickback motions, a chainsaw should be covered with a protective tip guard or by avoiding cutting using the tip.

Wear proper safety gear : This includes ear protection, chainsaw trousers, chainsaw boots and safety glasses. All these greatly reduce possibilities of injury as well as preventing short term and long term effects of using a chainsaw.

Using the chainsaw using the proper technique : When using a chainsaw, always make sure you stretch your body and muscles. The chainsaw should also be held away from the body when being operated. A firm grip is necessary to keep the chainsaw in place.

 Avoid using in wet conditions :
Any sort of unfavorable environment highly increases the chances of chainsaw accidents. A chainsaw should not be operated during the rain or near wet conditions. This is to avoid the risk of electrocution and slipping. 

Shopping for the right chainsaw : There are many modern chainsaw features that are included specifically for safety. The key safety features to look for when shopping for a chainsaw include; a front hand guard, rear hand guard, a chain catcher for catching a broken chain and a spark arrester for keeping sparks from being thrown out through the exhaust.

Maintenance of the chainsaw : To avoid malfunction, the chainsaw should be inspected before being used to check for broken cables, damaged plug connectors and good power supply. Maintenance tools like screwdrivers, a wrench and a sharpening file should also be around should they come handy.

Apart from ensuring the electric chainsaw is in the proper condition : there are also other measures that should always be taken to avoid unnecessary accidents. For instance, one should never use a chainsaw under the influence of drugs or when on medication. Any kind of physical fatigue is also enough reason to stay away from the chainsaw. Children should also never be allowed to operate the chainsaw. 

The electric chainsaw safety guide is obligatory and by observing these tips, the likelihood of causing a chainsaw accident is highly reduced.

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How To Choose Best Electric Chainsaw


Not every electric chainsaw is the size we see leather face circling with in the motion pictures. What's more, we should trust this is not the reason that you require your own chainsaw. For those of us with altogether different needs with regards to owning a chainsaw, there are a few unique alternatives for altogether different purposes. Therefore, you might really require a few chainsaws to handle distinctive occupations. All things considered, everything comes down to security at last and utilizing the wrong chainsaw could be perilous to your.

The principal thing you should consider while picking the best electric chainsaw for your requirements, is the motor. Do you need gas controlled or electric fueled? A gas fueled chainsaw will be heavier and requires more support than an electric form. Furthermore, you have the scent of gas and oil to manage. In any case, on the off chance that you are sufficiently intense to handle a chainsaw then risks are that you can deal with this odor! An electric variant is awesome for littler ventures. It is lighter weight, however you likewise need to work with the force rope trailing behind you. This is the first choice that should be made while picking the right chainsaw. Moreover electric chainsaw have two variants with corded  and cordless (use battery powered device). 

Next, you have to consider which estimate chainsaw will be right for your ventures. This is measured in the span of the cutting edge. While there are little additions in sharp edge size, they have a huge effect. Endeavoring to utilize a littler chainsaw for a huge undertaking is going to demonstrate troublesome and can bring about damage. While you might feel that your huge chainsaw can deal with any errand, endeavoring to utilize it on those littler employments can bring about extraordinary trouble and harm. 

Best electric chainsaw is much more secure than the gas fueled saw. They have a much lower danger for the perhaps life and appendage undermining kickback which happens when the saw's bar jerks back towards the client after the end hits a deterrent. The electric saw likewise utilizes a great deal less power than the fuel chainsaw and this is a major a portion of why the kick back is at a lower danger. 

An inconvenience of the gas chainsaw is that you need to let the motor cool before refueling it. With the electric saw, you never need to refuel it which can spare time. Electric chainsaws are a great deal less loud than gas controlled saws. This makes them awesome for neighborhood use. At long last, the electric chainsaw is much simpler to store as there is not the same gas and oil which would should be depleted before putting away in a vertical position. 

The best approach to make sense of which chainsaw will be right for you and your needs is to converse with a specialist. These specialists can be found in open air power hardware claim to fame stores. They will have the majority of the data you have to settle on the best possible choice. Don't just depend on what you think looks the best, will make you look cool, or is the slightest or generally costly. When you settle on choices without legitimate data, you run the danger of hurting yourself or others and that is not worth whenever or cash spared. 

Picking the right chainsaw for your necessities truly isn't extremely troublesome, particularly when you have the assistance of a specialist. In this way, search out a chainsaw master and don't observe. So all in all pick a chainsaw that best suits your needs.

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Are Electric Chainsaw Meant for You?

Introduction to chainsaws

A chain saw refers to a mechanical saw that is characterized by the fact that it is easier to carry and operate. Chainsaw can either be powered by electricity, compressed air, hydraulic power or gas-powered engine.


Usage of chainsaws

Chainsaws are basically used for lumber jacking or cutting of trees. Their applications vary and include but not limited to the following functions;
  • Tree felling, bucking, pruning and cutting.
  • May be used by fire fighters in the event of fire outbreaks such as wild fires.
  • Fire-wood harvesting.
  • May be used by tree surgeons for a number of reasons.
  • There are those specifically designed and used for aesthetic purposes, referred o as chain saw art.
  • Others may be designed and used for other jobs like cutting concrete or stone or cutting ice for sports or occupational reasons.


Types of chainsaws

There are two major types of chainsaws that have been categorized according to their power source. These types include the gas-powered chainsaw and the electric chainsaw. Other types may be derived based on the criteria for classification.


Factors to consider when choosing a chain saw

Ease of use : Ease of use is a factor that greatly influences the choice of a chain saw. Ease of use is determined by the amount of weight the chain saw exerts on the user's hands as well as the likelihood of kickbacks. Kickbacks refer to the movements that follow when the tip of the blade runs into an object thus forcing the object to 'kickback' at the operator.

Ease of storage : A proper chain saw should be easy to store after use. Ease of storage means less time in cleaning it and packing it in its storage containers. Ease of storage is particularly important as it plays a big role on the durability of the chain saw.

Fuel efficiency : A good saw should be one that optimizes the use of fuel. When the chain saw's overall output is measured against its fuel consumption, there should be a positive outcome.

Price : Price dictates the choice of nearly anything, and chain saws are no exception. However, price has a way of misleading as for as we know, cheaper items are usually low-quality and at the same time, high prices are not always reflective of value.

Noise pollution :The level of noise emitted by a chain saw should be put into consideration when selecting a chain saw. As a general rule, the quieter the saw, the better.

Are electric chainsaw meant for you?

Having looked at the factors to consider when selecting a chain saw, we can as well proceed and demystify this question. The better way to answer this question is to look at the advantages and disadvantages of electric chainsaw as this will enable everyone to answer this question at a personal level. 


Advantages of electric chainsaw

  • Easy to handle, light weight and versatile.
  • Relatively cheaper to purchase and maintain.
  • Ideal for smaller tasks such as tree pruning.
  • Easier to store and fairly durable.
  • Gives less noise as compared to other saw types.


  • Cannot perform heavier tasks such as felling of large forest trees or bucking of trees.
  • Give lower output over time than the gas models due to the fact they have impure combustion ratio.


Remember, what works for you may not necessarily work for another person. It is therefore advisable you look at the specific features of electric chainsaw before choosing to have one. The question as to whether it is meant for you should therefore be settled at a personal level.

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